For Gals network Shinosaka shop fee system

Thank your for seeing the homepage of "gals network Shinosaka store"!
Our excellence shop have a top-class repeat rate in the delivery health shop which there are many familiar stores in Shinosaka.

May be you have not good image of delivery health,
but the girls we gathered are all high quality which was not defeated by a reader model and the idol who appeared on television

"Gals network Shinosaka store"
is registered at only a girl in its teens and early twenties who cleared the severe adoption standard that our store sets.
We select carefully and adopt the gal who not only have looks but also have girlish and consideration, impress people favorably.
Furthermore, Most of them didn't have any experience in adult entertainment. So even as for the gal visually,
they are always charming shy girls.

Adult entertainment do not burn a little…First time to enter adult entertainments …
It is necessary of such of you to try by all means!

About the staff, We do severe strict education so that telephone reception do not hurt your feeling.
In "Gals network Shinosaka store",there is high adoption standard for not only the girl but also the staff.
Even those who had a bad memory in past.
we offer a satisfactory service for your easily use.

We gather only the girls who are a high quality and give higher-grade service, offer the service in reasonable price.
Service are available from Shinosaka, number, tennoji, Nihonbashi, tanimachi kyuchome, Umeda.
Want go out to play at night…want play more. It is open 24 hours for your schedule!

Of course playing for your satisfactory,
in addition to this, take it easy to relaxing the tiredness of mind How about spending your good time in "gals network Shinosaka store?"

Pay attention to

Such as eavesdropping and surreptitious photographing by video camera,
digital camera or mobile phones with video camera
If we judge it as a pernicious behavior, We will call police.
Gang member or a semi, or customer with tatoo
People who do actual sex or force that
People who have a social disease or seem to have disease
Using or taking drug or force to use drug
Playing with the instrument which is owned yourselves.
Doing the violence to our companion or the behavior like that.
Inviting our companion without any permission
Forcing to do out of the service list or impel behavior.
The person in same business scout our companion
Doing stoker to our companion or the behavior like that
Restricting our companion or behave like that even time is over,
Taking our companion to the place where there can't get any contact.
Our staff judge those who disobey the rule and prohibited matter in our shop.

Note: If there meet all above, we have to cancel the service.
That time, repayment is not allowed.